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RecCentric Newsroom:

deliver News, Info, Alerts,
Photos, Brochures and more!

RecCentric™ Newsroom with Social Networking for Parks & Recreation...
         ...deliver your messages and engage your community!

RecCentric™ Newsroom is a comprehensive online system for sending,

  • alerts
  • news & information
  • program & event info
  • brochures & other publications
  • photos
  • and more...

To your Customers via,

  • your website
  • social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • your Customers' computer desktops
  • your Customers' mobile phones
  • RSS


RecCentric Newsroom

RecCentric Newsroom improves communications by allowing you to connect with and engage your community wherever they are! It is fun and easy for your Customers to use; they can quickly get the information they want, how and where they want it! And RecCentric Newsroom is simple for you to maintain; post once and deliver everywhere!

  • Send an unlimited number of posts
  • Send posts 24/7/365 or schedule any date in the future
  • Use HTML formatting for posts
  • Include social media share links in every post
  • Set up an unlimited number of Categories and Channels
  • Set up one or more administrators
  • Set up an unlimited number of users and authors
  • Restrict authors to posting in selected Channels
  • Your Customers can set up and manage their account or you can do it for them
  • Includes reporting on usage
  • Custom branding and naming available
  • Fast deployment typically in 30 days or less


RecCentric Newsroom allows you to deliver your important information via your website, social media like Facebook and Twitter, directly to your Customers' desktops and mobile phones and via RSS!

RecCentric Web PostRecCentric Newsroom - Website

  • displays news/info/alert posts organized by category and channel
  • marquee "crawler" for important alerts
  • built-in RSS feed/link for every channel
  • built-in Facebook "follow us" links on every channel
  • built-in "share this post" links on every post for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more
  • can be fully integrated into any website
  • includes basic customization to complement your website
  • includes web page with info and download links for RecCentric Desktop plus a “Tell-A-Friend” link to encourage your users to promote you


RecCentric Facebook and TwitterRecCentric Newsroom - Social Media

  • posts your messages to your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s)
  • automatically posts on the date(s) you specify
  • encourages your Customers to promote your information with their preferred social networking sites


RecCentric Newsroom - Computer Desktop

  • high-impact, downloadable widget that runs on your customers' desktops
  • users can personalize it to receive the message channels they want
  • automatically retrieves & displays updates from the server
  • customized and branded to complement your park district
  • works on Windows, Mac & Linux computers
  • news/info/alert posts organized by category (e.g. Early Childhood) and channel (e.g. Music)
  • marquee "crawler" for important alerts that all users will receive – you choose alert level
  • brochures, newsletters or other publications displayed in a fading gallery rotation
  • mini photo gallery in a fading gallery rotation
  • banner area you can use for internal promotions or sell to sponsors
  • online registration or other important link
  • contact form for general use with option for users to contact post authors directly
  • user account management and login retrieval

    RecCentric Desktop


RecCentric Newsroom - Mobile and Smart Phones

  • RecCentric - Mobileenables your customers to receive alerts and messages via their mobile or smart phone
  • delivers RecCentric Web to users with web-capable mobile devices
  • custom apps available for your RecCentric installation


RecCentric Newsroom - RSS Feeds

  • automatically provides valid RSS feed for every channel you set up
  • automatically updated whenever you update posts in that channel
  • when you are viewing any channel's web page the browser is automatically notified of an available RSS feed


RecCentric Newsroom - Admin Console

  • provides complete control and management of all features
  • message posts (headline, body, body brief, start date, end date, category, channel and more)
  • alerts (show in marquee or assign high-level alert status)
  • brochures/newsletters/publications (thumbnail image, link and caption)
  • photos (thumbnail image, link and caption)
  • banners (thumbnail image, link and caption)
  • categories (anything you want such as Programs or more specific like Youth Athletics)
  • channels (channels belong in a category and can be anything you want such as Youth Athletics or more specific like T-Ball)
  • authors (username, password, name, email, phone, security level, channels this author can post to)
  • users (username, password, email and permission to send them email)
  • includes reporting and analysis tools to help track the number of downloads and overall usage of the system
  • complete User Guide for administration
  • on-site training available


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What our Clients are Saying...

"I want to thank you for providing us with a dynamic, comprehensive, and reasonably priced website solution. Your company's web services have moved us from a static and difficult to maintain site, to one that is user-friendly, easy to maintain, and a true destination for our patrons and the community at large.

The Wheeling Park District highly recommends your services to those in the Park and Recreation field."

Steve Schapiro
Community Relations Manager,
Wheeling Park District


What Users are Saying...

"All I can say is thank you. I have never done anything this fast and easy on the computer!!!"

"We have had experiences with a few Park District organizations and this was by far the easiest."

"Great website; very convenient and easy to use!"

"Wow! Very well organized. Flows very smoothly. Somebody knew what they were doing!"

actual comments
from our Clients' Customers

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