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RecCentric™ Interactive Map for Parks & Recreation...
         ...featuring Your Parks & Facilities, Searchable Amenities & more!

Increase awareness and usage of your parks & facilities with a customized, dynamically updating map featuring streets and local landmarks as well as a detailed “birds-eye” view!

The RecCentric Interactive Map is the only full-featured map that uses Google mapping technology, allows your website visitors to search based on amenities ("Show me all parks with basketball courts and picnic tables") and provides you with an easy-to-use admin control panel giving you total control over map maintenance!

Your customers can see all of your parks and facilities marked on your map and they can search based on keyword, park/facility name or any amenities they desire! Once they have selected a site they can view an image, read a description or view a list of available amenities. You can even add a link to more info.



  • In Satellite mode your website visitors can see details like play equipment, tennis courts and athletics fields
  • They can zoom in or out to get a better view of the area
  • When the underlying mapping layers are improved you get those improvements automatically
  • We continue to update and enhance our Interactive Map and you will receive those upgrades; look for driving directions and district boundaries coming soon


And you have complete control over your Interactive Map! You can add new sites, remove sites, edit them, change their images…You can do it all!



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"This is exactly what I was hoping for…your designers are very good!"

Erika Young
Public Relations & Marketing Manager,
St. Charles Park District


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"Love it - Love it - Love it"

"Great experience!!!"

"Thanks for making this soooo easy"

"I LOVE THIS!!!!!! It is so much easier for us"

"I absolutely love the online registration!! Sometimes it is hard to get to registration because of work, and this is very convenient for people like me!!"

"Terrific for a working mom!!! I rate it a 10!"

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